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I offer individual tutoring on writing for scientists, physicians, engineers, and other professionals. To be eligible for tutoring, you must first complete my online course on scientific writing. With my tutoring, you will get more practice in applying the principles and practices covered in the course. You will also receive more extensive feedback from me because the piece(s) of writing that you work on will tend to be longer than that you worked on in the course.

Process. First, you pick the piece of writing for tutoring. Ideally, this is all or part of a manuscript you are currently writing. Another possibility is something you have written previously, whether published or unpublished. A further option is to work on a piece written by someone else. If you learn well the principles and practices I emphasize, you might not need to send a full manuscript, because you can apply what you have learned to the parts you did not send.

Next, you send me the piece of writing you have picked. I will edit or rewrite the piece, showing all changes I make and giving comments why I did so. In the comments, I will refer to specific principles or practices from the course and offer other feedback as relevant. I will send the revised document with comments to you. Then, after you have studied the revisions and comments, you can ask me questions about the changes, and I will respond.

We can work on your piece of writing in o Writer, or any other word processor or online platform that is convenient for both of us.

Cost. The typical cost of tutoring is US $0.12 per word in the piece of writing you submit to me. If you make changes or additions to the revised document I send and you want feedback on the new version, the cost will also be US $0.12 per word for the parts on which you want feedback. There may be a higher cost per word for tutoring if the piece of writing you send me has extensive problems. If there are significant problems with basic grammar, I will refer you to free online courses so that you can become proficient before we attempt tutoring.

After you send me your document, I will examine it and then tell you what the cost will be for tutoring. If you want to proceed, I will send you an invoice via Stripe that you can pay online. I begin work on your piece of writing after you have paid the invoice. Your payment is not refundable once I have begun work, although I strive for your full satisfaction. Fortunately, you know what to expect from me because you have already received my feedback in the course.

Turnaround time. Unless your document is long (> 5,000 words), I typically return revised documents and comments within 7 days. After I examine your document, I will tell you when you can expect to receive the revision.

Ready to begin? Send me your document as a rich text file (.rtf) and tell me the name and email address you used for the course. In your message, please specify whether you want feedback on the whole document or specific parts that you have marked. Also, tell me what kind of document it is (such as a manuscript for publication, thesis, course paper, technical report, or something else), who the author is/authors are, and the full citation if it has already been published. Finally, if you have any special requests, please include those, too.