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Importance of Writing Well

Writing is a key part of doing scientific research. Knowing how to write well has several advantages:

Effective communication.Your scientific work has little value unless you communicate it clearly, concisely, and accurately. Good writing is essential for others to understand your research, and improves your chances of publication and funding.

Cost and time savings. By becoming a proficient writer, you do not need to pay or rely on editors, colleagues, staff, or others to make your writing coherent and presentable. You gain independence.

Improved thinking. Writing is an expression of your thoughts. If your writing is unclear, rambling, or inaccurate, so are your thoughts. Learning to write well hones your thinking and builds intellectual discipline.

Good reputation. Other scientists judge you mostly on your written work. Poor writing may imply poor thinking, carelessness, and unsound research.

Adaptability. Good scientific writing skills allow you to meet word limits for abstracts, manuscripts, and other texts without sacrificing critical content. Most principles and practices of good scientific writing also apply to other types of writing. Improving your scientific writing will improve your writing generally.

Let me help you master scientific writing so that you can reap these benefits!