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In January 2021, I will begin offering a online course on scientific writing. In the course, I focus on clear, concise, and accurate writing for scientists, physicians, engineers, and other professionals. Although I emphasize writing in the context of research, most of the course is relevant to all types of formal writing. I teach simple, step-by-step procedures that anyone can use to make writing easy, efficient, and fun. The self-paced course includes lectures, opportunities to ask me questions and receive answers, exercises, writing resources, and checklists. In the lectures, I give many examples of scientific writing and editing in real time to demonstrate the practices I recommend. I also offer optional individualized feedback on a short piece of your writing as an addition to the course. My book, Essentials of Scientific Research, is a supplement to the course.

Contact me to be notified when the course becomes available.

In the future, I plan to offer other courses on topics I cover in the Essentials book.